Solar mounting systems

Carport systems

  • Quick and uncomplicated mounting
  • Optimum area utilization
  • For any desired alignment or module inclination
  • Durable and corrosion-free

Flat roof systems

  • Inclination angles can be chosen in steps of 1°
  • Centric load transmission
  • Stable aluminium construction
  • Inexpensive module elevation

Open area systems

  • System with pile driven foundations
  • Excellent material efficiency, the system connections are optimized in detail
  • No soil sealing
  • High durability due to ideal material combinations

Pitched roof systems

  • Module clamps for framed modules also available with potetial equalization
  • Can be combined with all system components by Schletter
  • Simple mounting
  • Economically priced

Facade systems

  • Available in steps of 5°
  • One-row module mounting with inclinations from 15 - 75° using facade supports.
  • Swift and simple mounting
  • Optimized structural analysis

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